Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 is affecting us all in many ways, however “Rona” is not keeping us down. We offer fast shipping and free when you order over $100. Buy with confidence with our growing review community and free returns.

Momensity Vendors and Suppliers report the following:

LA print facility is gradually resuming the fulfillment of our all-over print products, including Sublimated Towels and Swimwear.

Latvia print facility, airlines are renewing more flights which means our Riga facility is starting to return to its normal shipping flow, and we can expect to see a decrease in Europe delivery times.

Mexico print facility move is in progress and on schedule to a larger 5x space.

Momensity print partners facilities are pushing the maximum order amount on a daily basis, and following the FIFO (first in, first out) principle as much as possible to minimize printing and shipping delays.

Team Momensity strongly encourages you to keep checking in with our latest updates and fulfillment estimates 

Customer Support emails still take 2–3 days, and our chat is available during US business hours on Mon–Fri.

We’ll continue posting updates as they come. Thank you for your patience and for reading.