Life changes with transformational leadership

Tell me about the last time you changed someone’s life.

Everyone’s life could use greater outcomes becoming a transformational leader or finding one can achieve this. Transformational leaders adopt evolving perspectives to help people perform at a higher level and see themselves more clearly. They focus on challenging the status quo and delivering value to their tribe. Whether it’s by selling a product, coaching someone through a difficult situation, or
bringing someone along on a new business venture, transformational leaders offer an opportunity to achieve different results from what they’ve always been doing – thereby cultivating a culture of value and success.

What comes to mind when you think of a successful culture? Many people might say creating wealth- but it’s actually about the people involved in generating those results. Successful teams have tapped into a noble cause, focusing more on the ‘Why do we do this?’ rather than “How do we do this,” or “What do we do?”

This is the reason why some initiatives fail and others succeed. When people are able to understand your “Why?” and tie it to their own motivations, they begin to align with your culture. You see this in action in something as simple as asking someone for a favor. If they agree with why you’re doing something, they’ll follow along with how and what you’re doing as well. The best strategies in the world cannot make up for a lack of internal motivation. This is why people will go to the end of the world for certain employers or certain brands – because they align with their personal noble cause. They act as a mirror – helping them see who they really are by providing value and certainty around their decisions, and how it impacts their daily way of life.

Regardless of where your tribe exists – work, family, friends, clients – the culture must be intentionally curated. A successful culture doesn’t materialize overnight – it takes deliberate action to showcase value, demonstrating what you believe and why others should come along
for the ride. By connecting to the deepest part of the brain – the limbic brain, where humans process emotions and decision making – you tap into something deeper, a sense of loyalty that ensures your tribe is along for the ride. Transformative leaders don’t simply transform a lifestyle they transform people by allowing them to connect with something bigger than themselves.

The goal is not just to sell to people who need what you have, or to hire people who need a job – a transformational leader’s goal is to connect with people who believe what they believe and continue to elevate those beliefs.

This groundwork is essential to expanding your tribe. By demonstrating value, by having strong core beliefs – you are able to draw new people in and get them to look in the same direction as you, thereby magnifying the value that you provide. As a transformational leader, your job is not just to go through the motions, but to constantly evolve based on new information in order to grow your tribe.

Transformational leaders think differently, by challenging the status quo, maximizing value, and bringing people together. How will you continue to embody this mentality to transform people’s lives?

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Gemini man

Gemini Life Hacks

Beating the Bad Reputation

Us Geminis don’t have the best reputation on the block. They say we’re two-faced, we’re flaky and indecisive and mean and manipulative.

You know what I have to say about that? We are misunderstood and undeveloped and, honestly, if we just did a bit of work on ourselves, there’d be more witty, wonderful, charismatic Geminis in the world.

We’ve got to do something to change this bad reputation so that the world sees us as the happy and social individuals that we are.

About Gemini

Geminis are people born between May 21 and June 20. They are the third sign of the Zodiac. Their element is air and their modality is mutable. The symbol of Gemini is the Twins and the Gemini mantra is “I think.”

Geminis are extremely intellectual people. First and foremost, they are curious creatures always on the quest to share and discover knowledge. This penchant for knowledge is due to the air element.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, which makes them sociable wordsmiths who are especially skilled at communicating. Their mutable modality makes them very adaptive. Geminis are restless, childlike, and they generally like change.

Positive Aspects of Gemini

Geminis, like all other signs, are naturally good at some things and naturally not so good at other things. But, let’s start out focusing on all the great things about being a Gemini.

Geminis have two main strengths that make them stand out among the rest: their intellectuality and their stellar communication skills. Geminis at the top of their game are great at seeking out knowledge and communication that knowledge in a clear and effective way.

Geminis are also crazy outgoing and sociable. We know how to hold our own in a situation and our adaptability makes it easy for us to converse about any topic.

Plus, people find our childlike enthusiasm for the world extremely charming. Some of the best (and worst) Geminis are super charismatic because they understand how to mix these qualities together in a way that is appealing to others.

Once Geminis can recognize these good qualities about themselves, and eliminate the bad ones, they’ll see that they’re so much more than what people say about them. Furthermore, they’ll lean into these qualities and become their best Gemini selves.

Negative Aspects of Gemini

Really, all the negative aspects of Gemini stem from a mismanagement of their good aspects. That is, Gemini (and every other sign, really) doesn’t have any inherently bad traits. The characteristics of a Gemini can just be harder to control and understand for their natives, which is probably why there are so many misunderstood, “evil” Geminis in the world.

First, let’s talk about that intellectuality. Sometimes, Geminis can be seen as too intellectual and over reliant on evidence-based knowledge rather than emotions and experimentation. This can make them come off as condescending, possibly snobby, and totally unfeeling.

The ever wondrous and sanguine spirit of a Gemini, while fun, can be a bit dangerous if a Gemini can’t get a handle on it. That’s because that childish curiosity can make us go from subject to subject, learning the bare minimum before we bore and move onto the next thing. This is the reason why Geminis get a reputation for being flaky or noncommittal.

Really, we just need to find something (or someone) that keeps our attention and restless energy in check. We also need to be more aware of these tendencies and find a way to do inward reflection to ask ourselves what we really want.

Next, it can be hard to see how social prowess can ever be a bad thing. But, it can take a downward spiral if the Gemini in question is not properly caring for themselves and their mental needs. Geminis who aren’t in tip-top mental shape can become stressed out balls of anxiety who feel like a weaker version of themselves.

Finally, all that wit and humor is good if a Gemini understands proper social boundaries. But, if a Gemini can’t grasp basics of human relationships, they’re banter can turn harsh, irritating, and even cruel.

Like I said earlier, if a Gemini can recognize these traits in themselves, they’ve already got the first, and hardest, step down. Understanding the traits you have allows you to be able to work on them and improve yourself as a human being.

Gemini Success in the Workplace

Success doesn’t always need to be related to your job. But, because a lot of people do relate the two things, let’s take a look at how a Gemini can find success in the workplace.

Just like Geminis are good and bad at some things in life, they also have their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. For example, because of their busy minds, Geminis do great in an environment that keeps them constantly stimulated and interested. They also do well working with new ideas, in new places, and with tons of different people.

With respect to that overactive mind, Geminis definitely need some sort of loose structure to keep them in check. That may seem counterintuitive, but it’s absolutely the truth. To have success, Geminis need to organize themselves or they’ll never get anything finished.

If you’re wondering what jobs would be best for a Gemini, any one of the following jobs would be a good fit: translator, speech therapist, author, journalist, screenwriter, film producer, TV producer, publisher, editor, receptionist, personal assistant, or teacher.

If nothing in that list interests you, that’s okay! In reality, Geminis are the sign that represents the “jack-of-all-trades”, meaning they usually work in a couple different things because they have such expansive interests.


At the end of the day, the most important thing you need to do to have success is to recognize and maximize your strengths and be understanding of your weaknesses. That’s it, Gemini! It may sound hard, it may sound easy. Either way, we have to band together and work on a sign-wide self-improvement to better our unfair reputation in the zodiac.

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8 Famous Gemini Celebrities and Leaders

Some people call Gemini the worst sign of the zodiac (along with Scorpio). Well, I beg to differ. Ultimately, Geminis are just a group of wildly misunderstood people who are truly awesome deep down inside. To learn more about Gemini and some famous Geminis, keep reading!

About Gemini

If you were born between May 21 and June 20, congratulations! You’re a Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the first air sign. It’s also the first mutable sign.

The symbol of Gemini is the Twins, and while lots of people claim this is because Geminis are two-faced, it actually refers to the dual personality of Geminis that makes them adaptable and slightly indecisive.

Gemini Personality

In one sentence, Geminis are just mental chatterboxes who are really adaptable. They can tend to be a bit childish (depending on their other placements) but, in reality, they’re not harmful or bad like many people think they are.

Because they’re an air sign, Geminis tend to like intellectual things and can seem “unfeeling” at times. Their mutable quality is what gives them the ability to adapt to different situations.

Geminis are ruled by Mercury. This makes them super curious, social, and great with words. They’re also clever, sharp, and mischievous.

Famous Geminis

There are actually a lot of famous people who are Geminis. Most of them rock, and some of them don’t. But, isn’t that how it is with all people? Here’s a list of 8 famous Gemini celebrities and leaders.

1.    Kanye West

Birthdate: June 8, 1977

Career: Rapper, Singer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and Fashion Designer

Kanye is probably one of the most famous Geminis in the world. He’s definitely one of those types of people that you love or hate (lending to that Gemini duality).

His lyrics and multiple career endeavours show that he has a great grasp on language and a wide range of interest, two key traits of Geminis. However, he’s also quite outspoken and has caused lots of controversies.

Since Geminis are such intellectual creatures, they sometimes come off as condescending know-it-alls who think they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to this world, and sometimes, Kanye barks up that tree.

2.    Amy Schumer

Birthdate: June 1, 1981

Career: Comedian & Actress

Amy Schumer honestly screams Gemini. Not only is she quick-witted and super funny, but she’s also got a young spirit that fits the Gemini personality to a T.

Schumer has produced and/or written so many of her own TV shows, movies, and stand up acts. The power of the pen is surely due to her Gemini placement.

3.    Venus Williams

Birthdate: June 17, 1980

Career: Professional Tennis Player and Entrepreneur

Venus Williams is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. She’s broken several records and won many awards.

More recently, she’s started her own clothing line and is actually quite the entrepreneur. This versatility and adaptability is something that all Geminis have. Venus seems to have mastered these two traits completely and is an absolute Gemini icon.

4.    Anne Frank

Birthdate: June 12, 1929

Career: Jewish Teenager and Diarist in Netherlands during WWII

Maybe you’re surprised that Anne Frank is a Gemini, or maybe you didn’t even think about it. But, it shouldn’t surprise you too much. She did write a diary that has been translated into more than 70 languages and read across the world by children and adults alike. That’s super related to the powers of the word wielding Gemini.

Through her diary, we can also see glimpses of other Gemini traits blooming within the teenage author. She shows signs of curiosity, optimism, and even humor.

5.    Angelina Jolie

Birthdate: June 4, 1975

Career: Actress, Humanitarian, and Filmmaker

Angelina Jolie started off as an actress of extreme talent. She has even been named the highest paid actress in Hollywood on multiple occasions. Lately, however, she is more well known for her humanitarian efforts and big family.

Someone who can transition so well in life, and between different social situations, has to be a Gemini. As a mom, activist, humanitarian, and actress, Jolie perfectly represents the adaptability and sociability of the Gemini spirit.

6.    Donald Trump

Birthdate: June 14, 1946

Career: Businessman, Television Personality, and the 45th president of the United States of America

Donald Trump is another controversial Gemini. But, whether or not you agree with his politics, there’s no denying that President Trump has an undeniable charisma.

Furthermore, President Trump has dipped his toes into several different fields. He is the first person to go from businessman and entrepreneur, to TV personality, to the President of the United States. You’ve got to have some sort of variety to pull off something like that.

Nevertheless, he isn’t without his faults. President Trump is a great example of Gemini’s impulsivity. Plus, some Geminis use humor and words to evade talking about themselves in a way that is personal, something several people have said the President also seems to do.

7.    Zoe Saldana

Birthdate: June 19, 1978

Career: Actress, Dancer, and Model

Starting out as a beautiful ballerina with a passion for dance, Zoe Saldana has turned into a famous and successful actress. She is most well known  for her roles in hugely successful movies like Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy,and Avatar.

Before that, she worked in a variety of different acting roles. This capability to change and adapt is definitely due to her being a Gemini. Plus, Saldana spent most of her teenage years with her family in the Dominican Republic where she continued her study of dance. She now has her own family, with a husband, two twin boys, and another son.

8.    John F. Kennedy

Birthdate: May 29, 1917

Career: 35th President of the United States of America

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States and the first Gemini president the country had ever seen. He won the election because of his charisma (Gemini trait) and his handle on communicating ideas (Gemini trait) against Nixon in some of the first ever televised presidential debates.

JFK also won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in a book he helped author that talked about the lives of US Senators. Not only do his accomplishments show his variety and success, but they also show his command of words, sociability, and charisma, all traits that are associated with Geminis.

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