Life changes with transformational leadership

Everyone’s life could use greater outcomes becoming a transformational leader or finding one can achieve this. Transformational leaders adopt evolving perspectives to help people perform at a higher level and see themselves more clearly. They focus on challenging the status quo and delivering value to their tribe. Whether it’s by selling a product, coaching someone through a difficult situation, or
bringing someone along on a new business venture, transformational leaders offer an opportunity to achieve different results from what they’ve always been doing – thereby cultivating a culture of value and success.

What comes to mind when you think of a successful culture? Many people might say creating wealth- but it’s actually about the people involved in generating those results. Successful teams have tapped into a noble cause, focusing more on the ‘Why do we do this?’ rather than “How do we do this,” or “What do we do?”

This is the reason why some initiatives fail and others succeed. When people are able to understand your “Why?” and tie it to their own motivations, they begin to align with your culture. You see this in action in something as simple as asking someone for a favor. If they agree with why you’re doing something, they’ll follow along with how and what you’re doing as well. The best strategies in the world cannot make up for a lack of internal motivation. This is why people will go to the end of the world for certain employers or certain brands – because they align with their personal noble cause. They act as a mirror – helping them see who they really are by providing value and certainty around their decisions, and how it impacts their daily way of life.

Regardless of where your tribe exists – work, family, friends, clients – the culture must be intentionally curated. A successful culture doesn’t materialize overnight – it takes deliberate action to showcase value, demonstrating what you believe and why others should come along
for the ride. By connecting to the deepest part of the brain – the limbic brain, where humans process emotions and decision making – you tap into something deeper, a sense of loyalty that ensures your tribe is along for the ride. Transformative leaders don’t simply transform a lifestyle they transform people by allowing them to connect with something bigger than themselves.

The goal is not just to sell to people who need what you have, or to hire people who need a job – a transformational leader’s goal is to connect with people who believe what they believe and continue to elevate those beliefs.

This groundwork is essential to expanding your tribe. By demonstrating value, by having strong core beliefs – you are able to draw new people in and get them to look in the same direction as you, thereby magnifying the value that you provide. As a transformational leader, your job is not just to go through the motions, but to constantly evolve based on new information in order to grow your tribe.

Transformational leaders think differently, by challenging the status quo, maximizing value, and bringing people together. How will you continue to embody this mentality to transform people’s lives?

Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

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