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By Gaynor Donnelly 

Of all twelve zodiac signs, Scorpio is one of the most well equipped to become hugely successful. Scorpio has all the qualities that make a fearless and devoted leader. All they really need to master is how to best utilize these gifts. 

Because of their unconventional way of thinking Scorpio may be surprised at the notion of being considered business savvy or an entrepreneur. They think outside of the box and tend to come to solutions in hugely different ways than the rest of society. Their ideas are big and ambitious and although they are extremely power driven these ideas still come from an emotional place.  

If Scorpio decided to pursue one of these ideas, they will do so because they are personally invested in the outcome. For this reason, they do not see their pursuits as a career choice but rather something they just MUST do. 

Scorpio needs to understand that regardless how out there the idea is or how they get their results what matters in the end is that they do in fact get the results. Due to how driven and ambitious Scorpio is it is safe to say that they usually do. Have faith in your unconventional mind Scorpio, it is brilliant in its uniqueness. 

Motivating Scorpio is never an issue. They crave power and become obsessive in its pursuit. Scorpio does not do it for money however they do it for prestige and admiration. Notorious for their ego, Scorpios thrive on complements and whereas that is all well and good, you cannot pay the bills with flattering words. 

Scorpio has the capacity to make money and a lot of it, but their creative minds do not work well with numbers. It would be in their best interest to learn how to budget and even hire an accountant when it comes to their finances. They have a tendency towards wanting to do everything themselves, but this is one area where they need to admit that they are not the person for the job.  

When it comes to money both male and female Scorpios need to be wary of blowing it on their romantic partners. Like every other aspect of their lives Scorpios approaches their relationships with passion and become enamored and sometimes overly obsessed with their lover. They will go all out in their pursuit to obtain the object of their affection and once they have them they will do the same to keep them there by professing their undying love in the form of lavish gifts and expensive dates. Scorpio needs to reel in this habit of spending frivolously if they are to succeed.  

Scorpios with their initiative ideas and strong will tend to rebel against authority. Ideally Scorpio will be the boss or work for themselves. The exception to this is when Scorpio finds a mentor who sees their potential and is not shy about telling them as much. Never tired of hearing positive feedback about themselves they will do an even better job next time if it means receiving more recognition and praise. If their boss or manager is complacent about their abilities and uninterested in their opinions this can lead to resentment and power struggles. In situations like this it should be remembered that sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut. 

With Scorpio’s charm and allure they have no problem networking and building an almost cult like following. Scorpio’s power of persuasion and even manipulation come in handy when it comes to getting people to back them. You cannot be a leader though unless you let your followers in on the plan or at least some of it. Scorpio needs to tear down their walls and learn to be more trusting when it comes to people on their team. Otherwise they will just end up doing all the hard work themselves.  

It is vitally important that Scorpio learns to cultivate a work-life balance. They are like heat seeking missiles when it comes to their goals and they can find it hard to concentrate on anything else. Easily prone to anxiety and depression they need to learn when to step away and take a break. Meditation and spiritual practices are of great interest to Scorpio and will help them unwind.  

Eternal pessimists Scorpio can easily retreat into despair if even the smallest thing doesn’t go their way or they are beat by a competitor. Taking care of their mental health is vital to keep them moving forward. Scorpio on a downward spiral can be bitter and destructive. They may even throw away everything they have worked hard for on a whim, or channel their intense energy into more negative pursuits. Balance is key in keeping Scorpio productive. They should not forget all their impressive talents if they do find themselves suffering a depressive episode. The Scorpio who learns how to overcome these downfalls is unstoppable. They will return with vigor and tenacity, ready to take on the world. This is Scorpio at their absolute best. 

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mar’s influence makes them formidable warriors on any type of battlefield, actual or metaphorical. Their intelligence and observance give them the ability to strategize and take down anyone or anything that gets in their way, using their intellect rather than force. If Scorpio learns to be smart in their approach to adversary they will almost always come out on top. 

Pluto’s dark traits help Scorpio work well under pressure and mean that from time to time they are not opposed to playing dirty. A lot of the time if executed correctly this will work out in Scorpio’s favor. They just need to concentrate more on finding loopholes than completely stepping over the line. 

Despite these influences the most beneficial traits Scorpio has are in fact those that relate to their sensitive nature. Being a water sign Scorpio is highly intuitive and feels every emotion deeply. Prone to depression and the lowest lows it is no wonder that they have learned amazing empathy. Scorpio’s real path to success is their ability to listen to other people and really understand them. They see the true reasons and motivations behind people’s actions and genuinely care that they also succeed. Their readiness to go above and beyond when lending a helping hand means they are held in high favor by their peers and often time this will be remembered when it in turn is Scorpio’s time of need. A great leader believes in those that follow them. They see them more than just a number. Scorpio has an ability to make everyone they interact with feel special and that is why people will bet on them and support them. Often dark and mysterious, if they can nurture their emphatic side they will come across more approachable, likeable and someone that people will open up to. 

Scorpio is comparable to a battle tank pointed at the obstacles that stand in their way. They have the equipment to dominate and overcome if they can understand how, when, and why to best fire their guns. But if they don’t take the time to learn how to drive forward and aim at the right targets then they risk destroying their own city and prospects instead. Master your tank Scorpio and the world is yours for the taking. 

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

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