Spring Concert Review

Momensity10 presents the hottest concerts of the year: Momensity10 Spring Concert Review! Download today to get exclusive access to local and international artists. The biggest event in Social Media takes over your mobile device beginning on Sunday, May 14th with performances by some of social media’s biggest stars (are to be announced in April) . Available on Google Play and Apple Store Feb 27th.  Momensity10 will be Live Streaming backstage tours, performances, private chats from 100s of the biggest names you follow in social media, exclusive experiences including Unplugged Performances with artists, Direct Q&A, behind the scenes at after parties, and more at the greatest Social Media event in the world!  Great seats are always available as you you catch the live streams through Momensity10, so make sure to get your tickets to the party of the year!

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Tickets will be on-sale via your Momensity10 app.  Additional follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to win and have access to specially-priced tickets fans of Momensity10, complete with a limited edition Momensity10 Spring Concert Review  t-shirt (while supplies last).   CLUB 10 packages, which include premium performer access passes, access to the 10+ events at a discount, and post-performance VIP access to your favorite performers are available for $210.  These are LIVE STREAMED events, that you can enjoy with friends in real-time and will not be available on demand later or elsewhere on the internet.