What Is AIPRM?

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AIPRM is a browser extension that helps you reveal a set of created, powerful prompts inside ChatGPT. It started with ten prompts only, had 30,000 users within a couple of days, and already had marketing and SAS prompts by the end of the first week. In the second week following its launch, AIPRM was opened up for a community and was made crowd-sourced.

It is also a prompt Marketplace– a crowd-sourced prompt library with about 210,000 users today and over 700 public prompt templates.

There are over 8,000 private prompt templates, and today, AIPRM has nearly 6 million prompts with these templates to ChatGPT- very heavy use.

Furthermore, AIPRM is also a prompt engineering community. There’s an ongoing competition for votes and likes inside the platform. The prompt Engineers- the people that publish these prompts- compete with each other on a daily basis and improve their prompts. They try to make users get the best out of ChatGPT. Therefore, it is ongoing learning because everything is so new.

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