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Here are a few hands-on examples of creating prompts and using AIPRM’s prompt templates.

1. AIPRM’s “Target audience and create some startup ideas” prompt template is a prompt template created by prompt MBA.

This prompt comes back with a couple of product ideas with a vision, a description of the product, and a higher-level immediate elevator pitch. It goes on with the second and third, and fourth ideas, The Prompt party, and AR Marketplace- you name it.

All this happens with one click based on a fancy prompt, but you can rewrite this.

With one or two clicks, you can use the rewrite feature on the “continue” drop menu and immediately get the results rewritten into something that is more persuasive or more argumentative:

2. AIPRM’s “Find question and answers” prompt template. This is one of the first prompts that AIPRM had. Using an online community for AI prompt engineering, users can uncover some questions and write the answers with one prompt, with one click.

When you type in a keyword, this prompt template returns with the top questions, possible catchy block titles, and well-structured subheadings. Also, you’ll already have content in there that can be used as a baseline.

3. AIPRM’s “Curiosity-Sales Cliffhangers Copywriter Framework,” created by AI frameworks, is another powerful prompt template.

It can return stories to tell and, so, can be the basis for blog posts, video production, etc.

If the story returned is too short, the user can instruct ChatGPT to expand, rewrite, and change specific things in the story- the location, the time, the characters, etc.

However, the user has to be very specific with instructions.

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