Our Mission

Is to destroy the idea of the starving artist by empowering every artist with the right connections, the right tools and the path to do what their hearts call them to do and sustain themselves financially while doing it.

Our Story

This has been a dream of mine since 2012. Call it “Be There on Demand”, “Let the People Move You”, and now Momensity10. Leveraging technology to help talented people generate revenue primarily from their talent has been a constant aim of mine. Now over the years, there have been a few (a lot) of mis-steps but knowledge has always been the reward and now I know how to properly configure what I know to build something, I hope, that will be awesome for performers and their fans alike.

In April 2012 I wanted to make Playhouses and Theatres PPV accessible with mounted on-demand video cameras. I saw an opportunity to expand audience size with the burgeoning smart phone industry and the old business model of Pay-Per-View. I recall visiting the NAB that year to meet with vendors, only to find that the cost of the logistics – to get the camera feed from a venue back to someone watching on their computer remotely, at scale – were seriously prohibitive.

As time went on the democratization of the live stream was happening and then I saw my opportunity. 2015 was my year, I quickly got the first prototype up and running and continued to develop it throughout the following summer in Stafford, Virginia.  I worked tirelessly with great input from close friends and family. Then in November 2016 I launched in the Google Play Store.

Momensity10 isn’t about watching artists perform. It’s about enjoying the social media experience in a new and fun way— being apart of the performers journey to the top and meeting great people along the way. It’s my MTV in my hand – surrounded by cheering fans and cool ladi…er um people. Cool People.

We’re building a streaming app that doesn’t isolate you from the fans but rather creates a space to be funny, honest or whatever else you might feel like in the moment you’re rocking out with your favorite band live at a show you may have never been able to tend, virtually surrounded by fans.

We love the app — couldn’t go a day without it — and we’re super excited about the future.

Stay tuned. We have some really cool stuff on the way.